Fire tattoos

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Fire Tattoos

Designs of Fire Tattoos

Matter is composed of 5 elements and one of the strongest elements known is the fire. It is a symbol which can mean anything according to one’s perception. Fire tattoos similarly are very helpful in expressing someone. On one hand, fire tattoos are highly depictive of life and passion existing parallely, which allow a person to find a sense of direction by lighting up their path of life. On the other seemingly darker end, people tend to wear them to symbolize a relatively destructive perception. Such designs can also means a drastic or a major transformation in one’s life or represent resurrection, rebirth of a soul.

A peculiarity of such inscriptions is that these designs are never used as solo images of fire and flames right away on the canvas. These are usually fused with other relevant images to signify deeper meanings. There are usually no metaphorical meanings behind a flame, and so such designs mean very much similar to fire. Types of fire tattoos range from small flames, tiny candle like flames, large massive sweeping fires or even fireballs. Apart from different types of fires, colours play a huge role adding relevant individuality and personality traits to the idea.

Fire tattoo on woman back

Emotions are countless. An orange or red shade of fire represents passion, whereas one should go for blue or white to display a calmer side of a person. The artful look and tender design of the flames can be placed pretty much at any part of the canvas. The feel of the flames is magnetizing, leaving the onlookers awestruck. Fire is the element that can be the vital difference between life and death. Fire is symbolic for the strength you carry, and the flames depict the continuous flaming for the passion of what you desire.

3 Photos of the Fire tattoos

Fire tattoo on woman backFire TattoosFire Tattoos on Arm