Fire Tattoos

Fire tattoos

Designs of Fire Tattoos Matter is composed of 5 elements and one of the strongest elements known is the fire. It is a symbol which can mean anything according to one’s perception. Fire tattoos similarly are very helpful in expressing someone. On one hand, fire tattoos are highly depictive of life and passion existing parallely, which allow a person to find a sense of direction by lighting up their path of life. On the other seemingly […]

Leopard Tattoos on foot

Beautiful Wildlife Tattoos

Wildlife Tattoos The thought of the arctic pine forests on the extremes of this spherical planet or the tropical deciduous in the center or the temperate near the Middle East’s gives us the scariness of ferocity. The fauna is just a bloody thing to explore. Special wildlife men’s biceps and chest tattoos look so killing. He is not a king anywhere but at the deadliest place on this planet. What […]

student tattoos

The COLLEGE DAYS Tattoos Nice Student Tattoos

The college days are the moments of paradise for any student’s life because they bring the turning points and explain us the meaning of a relationship of a true kind. And the best part that anybody could remember after the college would obviously be the exam time when we study random and sleep often. Late night men leg tattoos are out in the stores for the fresher’s. Girls go crazy […]

hand tattoos

Best Birds Tattoos

st stand in the balcony after a whole day workout in the evening of the blossoming spring and look above. I bet it will relax your strained muscles as you see those soft rockets piercing into the air with high accelerations. And women when you have those birds as foot tattoos, all they say is walk by faith and not by sight. The birds convey us that the worst thing […]

Belly Button (4)

Belly Button Tattoos

aA belly button tattoo is designed to go around the belly button. In case of women the can be very expressive and sexy and make a bold statement about a women’s identity. The midriff can then be showcased by wearing cropped tops, short skirts or bikinis. There are literally thousands of creative designs to choose from for women, though even a simple tattoo such as a ring around the belly […]

mens tattoo

Teens Private Life for Tattoo Ideas

Life & Death: A hood made of shapes represents various virtues of the life experiences and its consequences thereby. The vertices points upon the twists that one faces and the straight lines represents the mere journey. The circle without any angles upholds the signs of mystery which keeps on rolling (never ending). Such a combination in a semicircle opening at one point shows the way to salvation. An exclusive tattoo […]

humor tattoo leg

Humor Witty Tattoos

Humor An expedition of corporates is only for a reason to slew the boss to the deathbed. One never knows when a gun comes out of the hidden pocket inside the “gentleman’s” blazer. a cool look is surely guaranteed upon any corporate having it on the leg-discovering humor leg tattoos for men. Don’t take it seriously when something like this is served to your eyes. If you are betting to […]

tattoo humans best

Humans for Tattoo Ideas

Humans Every time since the mythological times the only weapon used for introducing peace in a particular era was war. The cycle of an individual’s existence runs upon this. Deeds are proven through participation but the potential is proven by the success. A war is won by the best webs or the mazes possible. It’s of the best tattoo styles seen among youngsters.   A splendid women tattoo that illustrates […]

geek tattoo design

Geeks Tattoo

Computers have had a hard strike on some brains and we call those as “Geeks”. We read English, they read binary codes. Weird choices and going technical everywhere are some of their attributes which is also noticeable in the geeky tattoo above, which consists of binary codes which a geek could decipher.   How better could one say that he is handcuffed to coding? Now everybody is acquainted to those […]

mesmerizing shoulder tattoos


Take pride in saying “yes, I am a girl”. A girl could enthrall the silence by her charms just as the butterfly fills the garden with its colors and suppleness. The ingenious neck tattoos are out for all the girls to capture great attention. Black goes awesome upon anything and butterflies along with it are like a cherry on the cake. Go with your hair tied short for the ball […]