Geeks Tattoo

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tattoo code back

Computers have had a hard strike on some brains and we call those as “Geeks”. We read English, they read binary codes. Weird choices and going technical everywhere are some of their attributes which is also noticeable in the geeky tattoo above, which consists of binary codes which a geek could decipher.


geek tattoo design

How better could one say that he is handcuffed to coding? Now everybody is acquainted to those HTML tags, but what this computer guy wants to say is, “My life starts from coding and ends at coding”. The opening and closing tags and also the code font style give a geeky look to the tattoo on the arms.


Neck is something that connects the head to the human torso. Now someone wants to yell that to the whole world around in his geeky fashion. I thought I was learning computers in my biology class, that the head end’s here and this where the body kicks off from. Pretty cool neck tattoo.

tattoo code back

3 Photos of the Geeks Tattoo

tattoo code backcode wrist tattoogeek tattoo design

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