Belly Button Tattoos

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Belly Button Tattoos

aA belly button tattoo is designed to go around the belly button. In case of women the can be very expressive and sexy and make a bold statement about a women’s identity. The midriff can then be showcased by wearing cropped tops, short skirts or bikinis.
There are literally thousands of creative designs to choose from for women, though even a simple tattoo such as a ring around the belly button would look pretty cool. Because of its prominent place and symmetric nature the belly button can be used as a play ground for one’s imagination and creativity. Thousands of designs can be derived from the simple design of a ring using lots of different colors and objects. A lot more designs can be created by simply changing the angles by little bits.

Tattoos around the belly button aren’t just for women. A lot of men also choose to get a tattoo in this region although usually the tattoos are of entirely different taste in their cases. The tattoos here are supposed to be creatively funny and amusing. Different animals, movie and TV show characters and even other objects can be created with the belly button giving them their purpose.

Belly Button Tattoos

This seemingly useless part of body can be used in surprisingly different ways when getting a tattoo. The ideas are endless limited only by the person’s imagination. It doesn’t matter if you have the belly button rivaling that of Madonna’s or the one with a big beer belly around it. If done carefully and creatively the end result would surely if exciting and satisfying. For a woman, there’s a no other place such as the belly button which would make her so much more sexy and desirable. For a man, the belly button is a place for fun and exciting tattoos bound to amuse everyone.

-Rahul Gurnani

Belly Button Tattoos

4 Photos of the Belly Button Tattoos

Belly Button TattoosBelly Button (4)Belly Button TattoosBelly Button Tattoos

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