Feather Tattoo Designs

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Small Tattoo Feather

Tattoo designs with feathers this picture has an individual role in the world of tattoos, this design has a lot of men and women in love and become a trend in the tattoo world. In an ancient book mentioned that a person whose soul is reborn like a white feather that flew in the wind, these mean that the white feather is a picture that symbolizes the sanctity of life.  And many tribes have also had a picture of ancient feather tattoo designs that reflect good luck and kindness. If you want a feather tattoo it would not hurt for you to apply, you must choose a design feather what would you choose. Feather tattoo is usually applied as a tattoo design is a peacock feather, goose feathers, eagle feathers and ostrich feathers. The animal fur in select because it has a unique style and pattern that extends also soft fur.

If you want a feather tattoo design examples other then there is no harm, you can choose the design you like the most feathers. Each feather tattoo designs have a meaning of their own, then make sure you choose a design that also has meaning for you. You can also modify the quote tattoo designs or your own name. Tattoo design will be applied two or three at a time then it will not be a problem, the most important is the size that will fit the application space.

Feather Tattoo Designs

Spot application of feather tattoo design is usually placed on the rib or ribs, wrist and foot, then on the side of the neck. If you want a great design then the chest is the right place. Note also about the color, the color will affect the beauty of the tattoo after applied.

19 Photos of the Feather Tattoo Designs

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