Cool Tattoo Ideas For Men And Women

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Lion Design Tattoos for Men And Women

Now the designs and tattoo ideas really interesting and looks cool, they are so interesting to see let alone applied on the body. Looks cool in terms of color gradation and in terms of the art of drawing. But we also have to know about the application of the tattoo itself, it seems interesting, but when applied will also cause pain because the ink is embedded in the skin. But the pain will pay off when we have implemented a design that fit with what we want and in accordance with our personalities. Cool tattoo ideas for men and women are different, for example, to choose men while women choose flower tiger.

Men chose the tiger because it reflects the strength and authority, can add a bit of modification by adding shrubs among tigers. While women chose flowers because it reflects the softness and slight modifications may be added as well by adding plants that flower binding. This is a design that fits to those with a penchant for tattoos, even ideas like this are very suitable in apply for adding to the impression for those who apply them.

Design Tatttoos Cool For Men And Women

This cool tattoo can be applied wherever the parts you like, even a large and small size is not a problem. Because, however, the tattoo represents one’s personality and expression. These ideas are examples of very cool ideas cool tattoo for men and women.

20 Photos of the Cool Tattoo Ideas For Men And Women

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