Henna Tattoos – India’s Prestige

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A woman wearing a henna tattoo in the shape of an anklet.

India is the country with numerous number of religions and myths. The Indian sculptures, artwork, crafts and mementos are filled with great depths of ancient cultures and civilizations. Not only Indian tattoos are immersed with a cultural touch, but these arts also leave an essence of myths and beliefs.

The Indian designs are recognized to be the highly pious and traditional designs, and are meant to represent a woman’s appreciation for a presence of the almighty and His glorifying presence.
When it comes to what should be inscribed and where, the Indian Tattoos give you ample of options. From the neck, to your torso and to your thighs, you have plenty of options.

A woman wearing a henna tattoo in the shape of an anklet.

Mehendi (Henna)
The most common form of tattooing in India is by applying mehendi or commonly known as henna, in various textures and flawless patterns. The patterns or designs made of Henna are usually inherited from the Indian art or the ornamental magnanimous shapes which cannot be matched normally.

Traditionally, the culture of imprinting an idea on the body with henna originated in India. There has been a tradition in India, that till date, the bride, on the day of wedding is ‘painted’ on her palms and soles, which is considered to be auspicious.
The designing is done by henna tattoo specialists, who are capable of drawing wild and extraordinary shapes. They use a special pencil known as the Henna Gruel. These tattoos are temporary in nature. They last for as long as 10-14 days.

Feel the Heel
Girls like to flaunt their heels during the summertime. Wearing a tattoo surely turns the mood on for the people around. Specially, having a temporary tattoo can make you ‘feel her heels’. “Getting a permanent tattoo done at this part is not a wise idea. It’s not really the body part you want to get tattooed. Henna tattoos are the escape to it”, says Alia. While permanent tattoos are not the choice, henna can be the rescuer. Women can select loads of designs they want to get ‘em done.

The Henna Tattoos during an Indian Wedding

The biggest advantage of these designs is the originality, and the process is simple application. The heels can be decorated with funny symbols, animals and flowers. However, one can send the artist gazing with abstract requests like, drawing a High Tide of a sea. These tattoos are very creative, and a lot depends on what has been planned.

Though it is known everywhere that these ideas are from Indian art and crafts, these tattoos are often mixed with spiritual and ancient writings of the Arabic texts to display riveting emotions.
There is a great deal of detail required in each Indian Tattoo, and so, the artist has to be excellent in his thought process and must be able to understand art. The designs act as the inspiration being very expressive, and showing the woman’s spiritual commitment in the Lord.

2 Photos of the Henna Tattoos – India’s Prestige

A woman wearing a henna tattoo in the shape of an anklet.The Henna Tattoos during an Indian Wedding

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