Horseshoe Tattoo

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Horseshoe Tattoo on Foot Design Ideas

Horseshoe tattoo first ever become something extraordinary and to this day is still legendary tattoo. Each region also has its own meaning if horseshoe tattoo meaning of this, but in general the same. Horseshoe tattoo have meaning luck and throw everything related to body havoc. This tattoo design applied a lot of tattoo lovers around the world. Ago when ancient times, in Rome every horse is given a horseshoe to protect your nails from breakage when the horse runs away. Because horseshoe to protect the foot and hoof horseshoe emblem made ​​in luck. In other parts of the world mean that the horseshoe as a catcher in the temple blessing if above the door and catch up to the top position. If it shuts down position it as a waster unlucky for the family. And much more confidence about this horseshoe.

If you want a design that has meaning luck, the horseshoe tattoo is a good choice. You can modify the design or designs that you like that you designed yourself. You can also modify the horseshoe tattoos with various colors colorful. This design is no limit to the color and size, and that are the hallmark of this design is suitable applied in any part of your body. If you implement this design, then you have to implement a design that was born since hundreds of years ago and has been on as many people believe luck.

Horseshoe Design Tattoos

Make modifications to the design of your own imagination, or you can ask the tattoo artist to modify it to your specific. Hopefully this design brings good luck to you.

20 Photos of the Horseshoe Tattoo

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