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Want to apply a tattoo but afraid of pain, hurts more tattoo is a common thing in the said by most people. Especially if you want to apply a tattoo on a place that rarely apply the tattoo because it’s part cause tremendous pain the pain, maybe you should think twice about doing it. Some say when the application of the tattoo does not hurt, words like that is certainly not true. Tattoos give pain when applied as the needle will penetrate the skin, but the pain varies depending on the sensitivity of the skin and skin thickness. An example of pain that it would feel so hurt more when you apply the tattoo on the elbow or rib area, because a layer of skin and fat on the medium-bodied person is thin so unbearable pain by will be felt to the bone. Another thing with the tattoo on the outer thigh, but do not really feel the pain like the pain in ribs and elbow due to the layer of fat and skin is thicker so the pain will be felt perfectly natural.

Especially for those of you who will apply the tattoo in a sensitive part of the pain or the area that is going to be a pain but still want to do because they wanted something different then the section ribs, foot, wrist and inner thighs is the right place. But if you want to apply the tattoo with a reasonable level of pain the back, upper arms and calves to be the right choice. For those of you who have never had a temporary tattoo and want to make it, then we suggest that you get a tattoo in the small sizes so that you can feel a pin prick tattoo and the process does not require a long time. Choose a design that is simple and beautiful that the end result gives perfect results commensurate with hurts more tattoo.

Design Hurts Tattoo Ideas Playing Card

Looks fun but pain, that hurts more tattoo. But for lovers of the tattoo, the pain is not a problem as long as commensurate with the results that they got. Many experienced tattoo artist who will give you an idea of ​​the tattoo that you will make, with satisfactory results and duration of application of the tattoo designs in accordance with the size of the tattoo.

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